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Real-Time RenGuard Statistics:

7 players have logged into RenGuard in the last 24 hours. There are currently 474 players logged into RenGuard, 1 of which are currently playing on RenGuard-protected servers. 9 servers are currently online and protected by RenGuard.

04 June, 2007 - BRenBot update - important for RenGuard servers
Server owners running BRenBot should download this important upgrade to version 1.50 which changes how BRenBot behaves when a player loses connection to the RenGuard network. This, in addition to RenGuard's automatic reconnection feature, should be a VERY effective workaround to the random "mass disconnects" that some servers have been seeing lately.

Please note that participants in the BRenBot 1.51 beta test should not use this version, but should instead upgrade their beta to the latest build.

- Crimson

21 May, 2007 - RenGuard 1.0323 Released!
Your RenGuard client should now auto-update to version 1.0323. This version includes the following fixes:

1) Some people had trouble with RenGuard crashing while running while XFire was also running. This has been fixed.
2) A client/master communication has been changed which we believe will reduce (but hopefully stop completely) the mass-disconnects we have been seeing.
3) Latest version of *cough* is now detected and stopped by RenGuard.
4) Memory scanning fix for certain versions of game2.exe that it did not previously scan correctly.

- Crimson

24 April, 2007 - RenGuard version 1.032 released!
RenGuard version 1.032 has passed all beta testing and is now available as a MANDATORY forced upgrade! When you launch RenGuard, whether you are using version 1.03 or one of our beta test clients, you will automatically be upgraded to version 1.032.

PLEASE NOTE: Vista users must accept/allow the upgrade before they will be allowed to connect to the network. If you don't allow the update, you'll be stuck in an endless loop of the update trying to apply itself.

This version works 100% in ALL operating systems. There is no longer any excuse for 64-bit, Vista, or Windows 2000 users to not use this software.

I've also heard a rumor that a new version of BIATCH will be released by BlackIntel today.... stay tuned for that.

- Crimson

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RenGuard makes use of the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message Digest Algorithm.
Copyright (C) 1990, RSA Data Security, Inc. All rights reserved.
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